Why Use Police Custody Units

A police custody unit is a large vehicle that arrives quickly on the scene and puts troublemakers straight into detention or removed from a potentially dangerous situation. One example is Lynton's 10.5m police custody unit. Although it's considered a mini, the vehicle looks like a slightly smaller version of the standard truck trailer that hauls heavy cargoes to piers and ports.

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Mobile Police Stations: the Wave of the Future

Nothing beats a police station on wheels, and that is why some law and order establishments in the United Kingdom, as well as the United States, are embarking on the new concept in law enforcement. In America, the Mobile Police Department is also experiencing explosive growth and aims to be the safest place in the USA by 2020. The clock is ticking when something erupts in a trouble spot such as London or Manchester.

Special Features of Mobile Arrest Units

So when you have a unit on standby that can take care of everything from suspect apprehension all the way to booking, the situation is better served. Everyone, except the potential criminal, is happy because mischief or even outright terrorism is whisked off the air for the benefit of the public. So in this sense, the van in question is a lot like a having a real RoboCop or Superman.

Of course, the police force is still needed in order to operate the vehicle and all its special features. But just like the canine unit of the authorities, the mobile police unit is especially important when it comes to saving time, effort, and more importantly, lives on a daily basis. The unit also eliminates the bureaucracy along with other time-consuming tasks, making the police force leaner and more efficient.

It's a Win-Win Situation Except for the Criminal Involved

With the ease of apprehension, troublemakers and criminals are the big losers in the mobility game. Filling up forms, finger-printing and mug shots can all be taken care of inside the van, so there is no unnecessary duplication happening. Aside from conducting arrests and bookings, the unit also functions as a full-fledged police detachment that can handle 911 calls when necessary.

The unit likewise has fully-operational prison cells so when the prison holding units in regular police stations are full, the prison on wheels can pick up extra prisoners theoretically. Also, no special licenses are required to operate or drive the vehicle. More importantly, the unit can be relocated at a moment's notice. With this mobile alternative, the police force can undertake its duties in a more urgent fashion.